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Table 1 Systematics of warnowiid genera (Warnowiaceae Lindemann 1928).

From: Molecular phylogeny of ocelloid-bearing dinoflagellates (Warnowiaceae) as inferred from SSU and LSU rDNA sequences

Fensome et al. 1993 [6] Sournia 1986 [39] Steidinger & Tangen 1997 [40] Gómez 2005 [41]
Warnowia Lindemann 1928 (type genus) Warnowia Warnowia Warnowia
Syn.: Pouchetia Schütt 1895 Syn.: Pouchetia Syn.: Pouchetia Syn.: Pouchetia
  Syn.: Protopsis Syn.: Protopsis Syn.: Protopsis
  Syn.: ? Proterythropsis partim   
Erythropsidinium Silva 1960 Erythropsidinium Erythropsidinium Erythropsidinium
Syn.: Erythropsis Hertwig 1884 Syn.: Erythropsis Syn.: Erythropsis Syn.: Erythropsis
  Syn.: Pouchetia partim   Syn.: Pouchetia partim
Greuetodinium Loebl. III 1980 Greuetodinium   taxon of doubtful validity
Syn.: Leucopsis Greuet 1968 Syn.: Leucopsis   taxon of doubtful validity
Nematodinium Kof. et Sw. 1921 Nematodinium Nematodinium Nematodinium
  Syn.: Nematopsides Syn.: Nematopsides  
   Syn.: Pouchetia Syn.: Pouchetia
Nematopsides Greuet 1973    taxon of doubtful validity
Proterythropsis Kof. et Sw. in Kofoid 1920    Proterythropsis Kof. et Sw. 1921
Protopsis Kof. et Sw. 1921    taxon of doubtful validity
  1. Loebl. = Loeblich; Kof. et Sw. = Kofoid et Swezy