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Figure 1

From: Reconstructing Indian-Australian phylogenetic link

Figure 1

Phylogenetic reconstruction of M42 Lineage. The phylogenetic reconstruction was performed using 7 New mtDNA Sequences from India and 6 Australian Aborigines mtDNA sequences from published source [2, 25, 36]. The sequence region np 16024 to 434 is missing in two (i.e. DQ112754 and DQ112755) published sequences. Suffixes A, C, G, and T indicate transversions, "d" signifies a deletion and a plus sign (+) an insertion; "s" indicates synonymous polymorphisms; recurrent mutations are underlined. The prefix "@" indicates back mutation. The coalescence age estimates calculated as per Kivisild et al [2] are presented in thousand years ago (kya). Variation at hypervariable positions 16184–16193, 16519 and insertion C at 309 and 315 are not shown.

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