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Figure 3

From: Domain duplication, divergence, and loss events in vertebrate Msx paralogs reveal phylogenomically informed disease markers

Figure 3

Msx Phylogeny based upon the full Msx alignment. Relationships among 44 metazoan Msx proteins were estimated by neighbor-joining (see methods). The tree is rooted using the two cnidarian sequences. Numbers at nodes indicate the percentage of replicates in which a given partition between taxa was observed in 1000 replicates of the bootstrap [106]. Circles indicate the major taxonomic group represented by each sequence (Hemi = Hemichordata, Ceph = Cephalochordata, Chon = Chondrichthyes, Amphib = Amphibia, Marsup = Marsupialia, Artio = Artiodactyla). Species abbreviations are provided in the methods.

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