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Figure 2

From: Cyanobacterial contribution to the genomes of the plastid-lacking protists

Figure 2

Uroporphyrin III methyltransferase gene phylogeny showing the presence of genes with cyanobacterial ancestry in oomycetes. The MrBayes consensus tree with Bayesian posterior probabilities (BI) (70% or more) and maximum likelihood (ML) bootstrap support values (50% or more) is shown. Thick branches represent BI and ML values not lower than 100 and 95, respectively. Different phylogenetic affiliations are represented as follows: green, green plants; magenta, red algae; blue-green, glaucophytes; orange, Chromalveolata; dark blue, Excavata; yellow, Rhizaria; gray, unikonts; sky blue, cyanobacteria. Stars indicate plastid-lacking eukaryotes.

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