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Figure 2

From: Expressions of ECE-CYC2 clade genes relating to abortion of both dorsal and ventral stamens in Opithandra(Gesneriaceae)

Figure 2

Neighbor-joining trees of proteins encoded by CYC -like and D-type cyclin genes. A) Neighbor-joining tree of proteins encoded by the ECE lineage genes in CYC/TB1 subfamily, showing that OpdCYC1C/1D and OpdCYC2A/2B form a branch that is sister to AmCYC/AmDICH from Antirrhinum majus, which belong to the CYC2 clade in the ECE lineage. B) Phylogram of GCYC, showing the phylogenetic relations of OpdCYC genes with other GCYC in Gesneriaceae. C) Neighbor-joining tree of proteins encoded by D-type cyclin genes, showing that OpdcyclinD3a and OpdcyclinD3b are clustered with cyclinD3a and cyclinD3b clades, respectively, in the cyclinD3 lineage. For sequence information see Methods. Phylogenetic analyses were conducted using PAUP*4.0b4a, and bootsrap values over 50% (1,000 replicates) are indicated for each branch.

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