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Table 3 Pairwise comparison of age-dependent codon usage deviation vectors for human, mouse, and fly genes

From: Codon usage is associated with the evolutionary age of genes in metazoan genomes

  θ cos(θ) p-value
θ(human, mouse) 18.3° 0.9494 3.6 × 10-12
θ(human, fly) 37.0° 0.7984 8.5 × 10-9
θ(mouse, fly) 29.3° 0.8719 2.3 × 10-10
  1. For each of the three genomes analyzed, the deviation vector was defined as the difference of the codon usage vectors for 'old' and 'new' genes. The angle between each pair of 59-dimensional deviation vectors was measured (θ) and the p-value of obtaining this angle was calculated (see Methods).