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Table 2 Nucleotide and protein variation between the H2A variants analyzed and between different taxonomic groups.

From: The evolutionary differentiation of two histone H2A.Z variants in chordates (H2A.Z-1 and H2A.Z-2) is mediated by a stepwise mutation process that affects three amino acid residues

  H2A.Z-1 H2A.Z-2 H2A.Z-e Insects Fungi/Protists
H2A.Z-1   0.683/0.037 0.691/0.042 0.771/0.063 0.771/0.181
H2A.Z-2 0.053/0.220   0.668/0.034 0.718/0.061 0.720/0.174
H2A.Z-e 0.038/0.224 0.028/0.213   0.656/0.052 0.730/0.165
Insects 0.037/0.263 0.030/0.247 0.005/0.222   0.718/0.174
Fungi/Protists 0.204/0.348 0.200/0.328 0.186/0.327 0.187/0.325  
  1. Average numbers of amino acid and nucleotide differences per site (pAA/pNT, below diagonal) and average numbers of synonymous and nonsynonymous differences per site (pS/pN, above diagonal).