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Table 3 Correlations between GC content and the frequency of GC-rich and GC-poor amino acids

From: The evolutionary differentiation of two histone H2A.Z variants in chordates (H2A.Z-1 and H2A.Z-2) is mediated by a stepwise mutation process that affects three amino acid residues

Histone H2A Spearman rank correlation coefficient, rS P-value
Genomic GC vs. GAPW (GC-rich) -0.425 0.080
Genomic GC vs. FYMINK (GC-poor) 0.054 0.832
Genomic GC vs. Alanine -0.323 0.191
Genomic GC vs. Lysine -0.030 0.906
Genomic GC vs. GAPW (GC-rich) 0.024 0.906
Genomic GC vs. FYMINK (GC-poor) 0.293 0.143
Genomic GC vs. Alanine -0.098 0.635
Genomic GC vs. Lysine 0.268 0.185