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Figure 4

From: Recurrent camouflaged invasions and dispersal of an Asian freshwater gastropod in tropical Africa

Figure 4

Morphology of Melanoides morphs: A-C) invasive M. tuberculata morph BIT from Lake Tanganyika (BI01); D-E) wild type of M. tuberculata morph CDI from the Congo River at Kisangani with organic coating (D: DRC09-033; E: DRC09-032); F) Lab-bred F1 CDI specimen from population CD06 (4 months old); G-I) invasive M. tuberculata morph LMI from Chipoka at Lake Malawi (G: BVB-ML-08; H-I: UGSB 0138 [note that H-I lack a columellar band and have axial sculpture]); J) morph LMI from the Shire River with columellar band and axial sculpture (UGSB 1246); K-M) bleach-cleaned CDI specimens (K: CD05; L: CD10; M: CD07); N) native M. tuberculata from Lake Edward (CD12); O-P) to the Congo Basin endemic M. cf. liebrechtsi (O: CD02; P: CD08); Q) native M. tuberculata morph LMN from Monkey Bay at Lake Malawi (UGSB 0183); R-S) non-parasitized giants of the morph LMI from the same locality as Q (UGSB 0183).

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