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Figure 10

From: New fossil ephialtitids elucidating the origin and transformation of the propodeal-metasomal articulation in Apocrita (Hymenoptera)

Figure 10

Cladistic relationships of basal Hymenoptera modified from Figure 8, with fossil data added and the thick lines indicate the known extent of fossils. Yellow dots represent fungivorous; red dots represent parasitic; red and blue dots represent parasitic and predaceous; red and green dots represent parasitic and phytophagous; red, blue and green dots along branches represent parasitic, predaceous and phytophagous. The light green area represents the period when angiosperms appear in the fossil record and rose to ecological dominance (the Barremian–Cenomanian interval, from about 130–93.6 Ma) (Peralta-Medina & Falcon-Lang, 2012).

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