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Figure 2

From: Intra-genomic variation in symbiotic dinoflagellates: recent divergence or recombination between lineages?

Figure 2

Sequence variation among pocilloporid-associated Symbiodinium at LHI. ITS2 sequence variation between and within the Symbiodinium genome is shown by: (a) DGGE profiles of individual symbionts from P. damicornis colonies at Lord Howe Island, featuring a range of CC100:CTOTAL ratios (alongside plasmid-purified C100 and C109 DNA); and (b) an un-rooted statistical parsimony network showing the phylogenetic relationships between derived pocilloporid-associated Symbiodinium types found at Lord Howe Island (ellipses) and the ancestral C3 root (rectangle; modified from [53]). Small circles in (b) represent hypothetical intermediate sequences, each distinguished from its neighbour by a single nucleotide substitution or gap. P. damicornis-associated types are shown in yellow, while those found in association with Stylophora pistillata and Seriatopora hystrix are shown in orange and green, respectively.

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