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Figure 1

From: High pheromone diversity in the male cheek gland of the red-spotted newt Notophthalmus viridescens (Salamandridae)

Figure 1

Courtship display in N. viridescens . Males are coloured in grey, females in white. (1) The male approaches the female and, if she is responsive, performs a hula-dance in front of her. (2) If the female is not responsive, the male performs an amplectic embrace using his hindlimbs, whereby he first rubs or presses his cheek against the female’s snout and subsequently starts tail waving. These behaviours are often further interchanged during courtship, indicating alternating utilization of cloacal and cheek glands. (3) A successful courtship ends with the male releasing the female from amplexus and dropping a sperm package, which the female picks up with her cloaca. See [15] for a more detailed description. Figure modified from [15].

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