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Fig. 2

From: Dynamic karyotype evolution and unique sex determination systems in Leptidea wood white butterflies

Fig. 2

Karyotype analysis of mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of Leptidea species by FISH with the (TTAGG) n telomeric probe. Hybridization signals of the Cy3-dUTP-labelled telomeric probe (red) indicate chromosome ends in (ac). Chromosomes were counterstained with DAPI (blue). White arrows indicate chromosome multivalents and asterisks show heterochromatic blocks. a Mitotic metaphase of L. juvernica female with numerous middle- or small-sized chromosomes (2n = 85). b Mitotic metaphase of L. reali female with large chromosomes of a similar size (2n = 55). c Meiotic metaphase I of L. juvernica male showing several chromosome multivalents. d Meiotic pachytene complement of L. juvernica female showing several chromosome multivalents and numerous blocks of DAPI-highlighted heterochromatin. Scale bars = 10 μm; (a) and (b) have the same scale

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