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Fig. 5

From: Molecular and phenotypic distinction of the very recently evolved insular subspecies Mus musculus helgolandicus ZIMMERMANN, 1953

Fig. 5

Box plot of the mandible centroid size. Box plot of centroid size in populations of the house mouse from Heligoland and mainland species. The house mice from Heligoland are represented by three different collections are shown in dark green color (HG/ZMB from the 1930s, HG/IFH from 1952-1970, HG/MPI from 2004-2012). M. m. domesticus is represented by a population from Frankfurt (DOM/FRA in grey), from Ahvaz, Iran (DOM/IRA in red) and Kerguelen Islands (DOM/KER in yellow). M. m. castaneus is represented by a population from Taiwan (CAS/TAI in violet), M. m. musculus by a population from Hungary (MUS/HUN in blue) and M. spretus by a population from Madrid (SPR/MAD in brown). Averages and inter-quartile ranges are shown, outliers are indicated by small circles

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