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Table 2 Mitochondrial genome mutations (except in control region) found in the mice on Heligoland. The positions refer to the genome reference sequence (NCBI37/mm9), the consensus sequence is the one found for the haplotypes on Heligoland

From: Molecular and phenotypic distinction of the very recently evolved insular subspecies Mus musculus helgolandicus ZIMMERMANN, 1953

  tRNAval ND2 tRNAAsn rep_ori ND4 ND4 ND5 ND6 CYTB CYTB
Position 1080 4771 5157 5163 10688 10689 12009 13681 14698 15163
Consensus sequence A C C C T A T C T G
HG_01   T         
HG_02         A   
HG_05        C    
HG_06           A
HG_08 G          
HG_11           A/Ga
HG_12          C  
HG_13          C/Ta  
HG_14      C T     
HG_1450_2    T T       
Rat A C C C C A C A T G
Human A C C C A A A C T G
Orangutan A C C C T A C C T G
Dog T T C C A A G G T G
Horse A A C C A A G A T G
Opossum T A C C A C A C T G
  1. aHeteroplasmic positions in the respective animals inferred from double peaks in the sequence reads - not counted as new mutations, since they are also present in another animal in the study, which suggests inheritance