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Fig. 3

From: Wolbachia pseudogenes and low prevalence infections in tropical but not temperate Australian tephritid fruit flies: manifestations of lateral gene transfer and endosymbiont spillover?

Fig. 3

Bayesian inference tree of COI sequences from tephritid fruit flies. Representatives of the five major tephritid fruit fly genera, Anastrepha, Bactrocera, Ceratitis, Dacus and Rhagoletis as well as Dirioxa are shown. Dark grey shading highlights the individuals from this study harbouring Wolbachia, light grey highlights specimens that were negative for Wolbachia. Sequences from species without shading were retrieved from GenBank (accession numbers shown. Note: name for B. dorsalis has been retained as B. papayae DQ006874 as per GenBank entry, although these species names have been synonymised [40]). Tree was rooted with Drosophila melanogaster, and nodes are labelled with posterior probability values. Scale bar represents the number of nucleotide substitutions per site

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