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Fig. 1

From: Detailed reconstruction of the nervous and muscular system of Lobatocerebridae with an evaluation of its annelid affinity

Fig. 1

Anatomy of Lobatocerebrum riegeri n. sp. as inferred from immunohistochemistry and CLSM. Information is based on all specimens investigated and all antibodies used. a Nervous system b Musculature, cg cross sections in the middle of the rostrum (c), at the level of the anterior end of the rostral lobes (d), at the level of the first commissure posterior to the pharynx of L. riegeri n. sp. (e), between the first and the second commissure (f), at the level of the forth commissure (g) and the level of the subrectal commissure (h). Abbreviations: adnc: anterior dorsal nerve cord, afg: anterior frontal gland, amf: anterior point of muscle fusion, an: anus, anc: anterior nerve cord, br: brain, bsm: brain supporting muscle, c1–4: commissures 1–4, cmds: circular muscle of the digestive system, dcn: dorso-anterior commissure of the central neuropil, dfg: frontal gland ducts, dllm: dorsolateral longitudinal muscle, dlm: dorsal longitudinal muscle, e1–3: egg 1–3, gd: opening of the frontal glands, hg: hindgut, lca: major caudal lobe, lci: minor caudal lobe, llm: lateral longitudinal muscle, lmds: longitudinal muscle of the digestive system, ln: lateral nerve, lpn: lateral peripheral nerve, lr: rostral lobe, lrl: lateral rostral lobe, mg: male gonopore, mgg: male gonopore gland, mnc: median nerve cord, mo: mouth opening, mrn: median rostral nerve, nlca: nerve of the major caudal lobe, nlci: nerve of the minor caudal lobe, nlrl: nerve of the lateral rostral lobe, nlr: nerve of the major rostral lobe, pfg: posterior frontal gland, pg1–2: postpharyngeal ganglion 1–2, phg: pharyngeal gland, pp: posterior projection, rs: seminal receptacles, snr: stomatogastric nerve ring, spd: spermioduct, sph1–6: sphincter 1–6, ssm: star-shaped muscle, t: testis, tc: terminal commissure, tmr: transverse muscle ring complex, tpn: transverse ring of the peripheral nervous system, vllm: ventrolateral longitudinal muscle, vlm: ventral longitudinal muscle, vlnc: ventral longitudinal nerve cord

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