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Fig. 5

From: Ecological divergence and conservatism: spatiotemporal patterns of niche evolution in a genus of livebearing fishes (Poeciliidae: Xiphophorus)

Fig. 5

Observed disparity (solid line) was significantly lower than levels expected under a null model (dotted line) of unconstrained evolution for Bio4 and Bio7. The lack of disparity was associated with a significant (P < 0.05) signal of conservatism within the major clades corresponding to divergence ~5MYA between the southern swordtails and the rest of Xiphophorus. Most other variables, for example Bio5 and Bio15, exhibited zero or positive disparity through time with a variety of nodes exhibiting significant divergence within sub-clades corresponding to peaks in disparity in the plots. Gray shading denotes 95 % confidence limits

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