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Fig. 1

From: Evidence for common horizontal transmission of Wolbachia among butterflies and moths

Fig. 1

a Maximum likelihood (ML) tree based on the concatenated five Wolbachia MLST loci (2079 bp). ML boostrap values are placed to the left of the hyphen and SH-Like branch support values placed to the right of the hyphen. Bootstrap values >60 % are placed by nodes; 100 % bootstrap values indicated by an astrisks. Outgroups were removed for simplicity. A-H refer to Supergroups A-H. b Majority-rule ClonalFrame genealogy based on the concatenated, five Wolbachia MLST loci (2079 bp) from nematodes and arthropods. Labels correspond to Wolbachia strains and host species, families and geographic localities. Support values represent the percentage of trees from the posterior sample in which each node was present. Bootstrap values from ML analyses based on 1000 pseudoreplicates are shown

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