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Fig. 1

From: Extremophile Poeciliidae: multivariate insights into the complexity of speciation along replicated ecological gradients

Fig. 1

a Overview of the general study area. (B-E) Detailed views of collection sites for (b) Gambusia affinis in Oklahoma, (c) Gambusia holbrooki in Florida, (d) Gambusia hubbsi from northern Andros Island, The Bahamas, and (e) Gambusia eurystoma and Gambusia sexradiata in Tabasco, southern Mexico. Numbers correspond to sampling sites as described in Table 1. Yellow: sulfidic habitats; blue: non-sulfidic sites. Panel (a) was created using GOOGLE EARTH VS. (©2015 Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA), while panels (be) were created using GOOGLE MAPS (Map data ©2015 Google, INEGI)

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