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Table 5 P-values of post-hoc pairwise comparisons of epandrial lobe placement in copulating D. pachea for treatments presented in Table 4

From: Drosophila pachea asymmetric lobes are part of a grasping device and stabilize one-sided mating

  Unmodified wildtype Symmetric mutant Left lobe cut Right lobe cut
Unmodified wildtype    
Symmetric mutant 0.0041*   
Left lobe cut 0.0003* >0.5  
Right lobe cut 0.0592 >0.5 >0.5
Right lobe shaved 0.0212* >0.5 >0.5 >0.5
  1. The category ‘left lobe shaved‘ was not included in the analysis because of the low number of observations obtained (n = 4). Fisher’s exact tests with Bonferroni corrections are used. *: P < 0.05