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Fig. 2

From: Divergent evolutionary and epidemiological dynamics of cassava mosaic geminiviruses in Madagascar

Fig. 2

Interspecific DNA-A recombinant sequences that are found in Madagascar. Distinct profiles of recombinant DNA-A sequences isolated in Madagascar are represented with sequence portions coloured with respect to the original species they are most related to (and are therefore presumably derived from). The arrangements of DNA-A ORFs are represented at the top of the figure. Recombination events are numbered according to Table 2. The list of sequences associated with each recombination profile is available in Additional file 7: Table S2. As indicated in the text, some recombinants that are classified as EACMKV isolates according to the 89 % nucleotide identity species demarcation threshold are in fact mostly SACMV-like (i.e., SACMV was detected as the major parent)

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