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Fig. 2

From: A toothed turtle from the Late Jurassic of China and the global biogeographic history of turtles

Fig. 2

Skull of IVPP V18094, Sichuanchelys palatodentata n. sp., Late Jurassic (Oxfordian), Shishugou Formation, Wucaiwan, Xinjiang, China, in dorsal (a), ventral (b), and right lateral view (c). Abbreviations: ap = antrum postoticum; bo = basioccipital; ct = cavum tympani; ex = exoccipital; fm = foramen magnum; fpccc = foramen posterius canalis carotici cerebralis; fpccp = foramen posterius canalis carotici palatinum; fpp = foramen palatinum posterius; fr = frontal; ica = incisura columella auris; ju = jugal; man = mandible; mx = maxilla; na = nasal; op = opisthotic; pa = parietal; pal = palatine; pb = processus basipterygoideus; pbs = parabasisphenoid; pf = prefrontal; pm = premaxilla; po = postorbital; pt = pterygoid; ptt = pterygoid teeth; qj = quadratojugal; qu = quadrate; so = supraoccipital; sq = squamosal; vo = vomer

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