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Fig. 3

From: The effect of dietary restriction on reproduction: a meta-analytic perspective

Fig. 3

Forest plots showing effect sizes (Cohen’s d, standardised mean difference in reproduction between the control and restricted groups (see Methods and Additional file 1: Dialog S1)) of key moderators for the effect of dietary restriction (DR) on reproduction. Each point represents the Cohen’s d value with the 95 % credible intervals (CIs). Panel a represents the outputs from univariate models, with each moderator fitted individually. Each moderator subgroup (e.g. model or non-model species) is represented by a single point. Contrasts represent the difference between effect sizes of the subgroups (e.g. the difference between model (M) and non-model (N) species). Restriction:Model, represents the interaction between degree of restriction (%) and model or non-model species. Panel b shows the output from our full model accounting for all moderators, with each point representing the effect size for that moderator

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