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Fig. 5

From: The first fossil salmonfly (Insecta: Plecoptera: Pteronarcyidae), back to the Middle Jurassic

Fig. 5

Pteroliriope sinitshenkovae tax. et sp. nov. (Middle Jurassic; Daohugou, China). a-b, Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013024; (a), Photograph (positive imprint, right forewing); (b), Drawing; (c-e), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013021; (c), Photograph (negative imprint); (d), Drawing; (e), Detail of anterior-basal area (as located on c), the arrow indicates the ‘systellognathan’ basal oblique cross-vein; (f-g), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013020; (f), Photograph (positive imprint); (g), Drawing; (h-i), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013006; (h), Photograph (positive imprint); (i), Drawing; (j-l), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013032; (j-k), Photograph (positive imprint of left forewing and negative imprint of right forewing) and drawings; (l), Detail photo of coloration in LFW, as located on (j); (m-o), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013019; (m-n), Photograph (positive imprint, reversed) and drawing; (o), Detail of basal part of forewing, arrows showing branches of AA2, as located on (m)

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