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Fig. 6

From: The first fossil salmonfly (Insecta: Plecoptera: Pteronarcyidae), back to the Middle Jurassic

Fig. 6

Pteroliriope sinitshenkovae tax. et sp. nov. (Middle Jurassic; Daohugou, China). a-d, Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013005; (a), Photograph (positive imprint); (b,d), Drawings; (c), Detail of the end of abdomen and legs, as located on (a); (e-h), Photographs of detail forewing venation variability, branches of M are indicated by red spots, branches of CuA are indicated by green spots; (e), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013007; (f), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013008; (g), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013027; (h), Specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013026; (i), Detail of cerci of specimen CNU-PLE-NN-2013011

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