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Fig. 4

From: Genetic mechanisms of bone digestion and nutrient absorption in the bone-eating worm Osedax japonicus inferred from transcriptome and gene expression analyses

Fig. 4

Expression patterns of slc genes in Osedax japonicus. ad Expression of an oligopeptide transporter gene Oja-slc15a-1. a, b Positive signals detected at the distal part of root tissue, where there is no ovisac beneath the epidermis. c, d Counterstaining with DAPI showed that Oja-slc15a-1 was expressed only in root epidermal cells. eg Expression of another oligopeptide transporter gene Oja-cls15a-2. f, g A high-magnification image and counterstaining with DAPI indicated that Oja-slc15a-2 was expressed in root epidermal cells. h Double-staining with Nj16S rRNA showed an amino acid transporter gene Oja-slc6a-1 expressed in bacteriocytes. i An amino acid transporter gene Oja-slc6a-2 was expressed in root epidermal cells. j Double-staining with Nj 16S rRNA showed that an amino acid transporter gene Oja-slc7a-1 was expressed in bacteriocytes. k Expression of an amino acid transporter gene Oja-slc17a-1 was detected in bacteriocytes. l Double-staining with Nj 16S rRNA indicated that a glucose transporter gene Oja-slc5a-1 was expressed in bacteriocytes. m Double-staining with Nj 16S rRNA indicated that a monocarboxylate transporter gene Oja-slc16a-1 was expressed in bacteriocytes. n, o Expression of two carboxylate transporter genes, Oja-slc13a-1 and Oja-slc13a-2. Expression of Oja-slc13a-1 was detected broadly in root epidermis, whereas expression of Oja-slc13a-2 was detected only in restricted cells of the root epidermis (arrowheads). ps Expression patterns of two bicarbonate transporter genes, Oja-slc4a-1 and Oja-slc4a-2. q, r Counterstaining with DAPI indicated that Oja-slc4a-1 was expressed in mesodermal cells underlying the epidermis of the root. s Oja-slc4a-2 expression detected in root epidermal cells. The gene was also expressed in mesenchymal cells in the root (arrow). ov, ovisac; p, palp; r, root; t, trunk. Scale bars: A = 500 μm; B, E, H–Q, S = 200 μm; C, D, F, G, R = 50 μm

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