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Fig. 5

From: Genetic mechanisms of bone digestion and nutrient absorption in the bone-eating worm Osedax japonicus inferred from transcriptome and gene expression analyses

Fig. 5

Expression patterns of protease and transporter genes in larvae and juveniles of Osedax japonicus. Oja-mmp6, Oja-mmp12, Oja-mmp18, Oja-ctsB2, Oja-ctsB3, Oja-slc6a-1, Oja-slc6a-2, Oja-slc15a-1 and Oja-slc15a-2 expression in larvae (ai) and juveniles (jr). At the larval stage, only expression of Oja-slc15a-1 was detected in the endoderm. jl Three mmp genes, Oja-mmp6, Oja-mmp12, and Oja-mmp18 were expressed in the root epidermal cells. m, n Expression of Oja-ctsB2 was detected in the posterior part of the root epidermis, whereas expression of Oja-ctsB3 was detected widely in root epidermal cells. o Expression of Oja-slc6a-1 was detected inside cells of the root, where bacteriocytes were located. p Oja-slc6a-2 expression was detected in part of the root epidermis. q, r Expression of Oja-slc15a-1 and Oja-slc15a-2 were detected in root epidermal cells. Scale bars = 50 μm

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