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Fig. 4

From: Low genetic but high morphological variation over more than 1000 km coastline refutes omnipresence of cryptic diversity in marine nematodes

Fig. 4

Non-metric multidimensional scaling of the somatic characters among the individuals of P. gynodiporata sp n. populations of Flecheiras - Ceará State (CE), Muriú - Rio Grande do Norte State (RN), Cupe - Pernambuco State (PE) and Ponta Verde - Alagoas State (AL) along the Brazilian coast. Used characters: body length, pharynx length, distance of ventral pore to anterior end, tail length, anal body diameter, head diameter, cephalic sensilla length, buccal width, buccal length, amphidial fovea, length, amphidial fovea width, distance of amphidial fovea to anterior end, width at the base of the pharynx, corresponding body diameter at the base of the pharynx, body width, body length divided by the width, body length divided by pharynx length, body length divided by tail length, spicule length, gubernaculum length, length of the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st precloacal supplements

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