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Fig. 7

From: The phylogeny of fossil whip spiders

Fig. 7

The recovered phylogeny expressed as the current higher taxon/family structure and superimposed on the the known fossil record. Circles indicate fossil occurrences with their approximate dates in millions of years. The enigmatic Ecchosis is tentatively treated as being close to whip spider origins. Amblypygi and Palaeoamblypgyi can be dated from the Carboniferous to Recent; Paracharontidae from the Eocene to Recent. Euamblypygi can be dated from the Cretaceous to Recent, while the phrynid from the ca. 115 Ma Crato Formation of Brazil implies that the remaining lineages (Unidistitarsata, Neoamblypygi, Phrynoidea) were also present during the late Cretaceous

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