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Fig. 8

From: Exploring the evolutionary origin of floral organs of Erycina pusilla, an emerging orchid model system

Fig. 8

Floral organ specific expression levels of selected MADS-box gene copies in E. pusilla. AP3 (top row), PI (second row), AG (second and third row), STK (second row), ALG6 (third row). RNA was extracted from seven different floral organs during two stages of development of E. pusilla and used for cDNA synthesis. Expression of the MADS-box genes was normalized to the geometric mean of three reference genes Actin, UBI2 and Fbox. Each column shows the relative expression of 20 floral organs in two cDNA pools (10 floral organs per isolation), both tested in triplicate. Abbreviations: lse = lateral sepal; mse = median sepal; cl = callus; pe = petal; fs = fertile stamen; gm = gynostemium. Dark grey = floral stage 2 and light grey = floral stage 4. Y-axis: relative gene expression. The error bars represent the Standard Error of Mean. P-value style: GP: >0.05 (ns), <0.05 (*), <0.01 (**), <0.001 (***), <0.0001 (****)

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