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Fig. 10

From: The first data on the innervation of the lophophore in the rhynchonelliform brachiopod Hemithiris psittacea: what is the ground pattern of the lophophore in lophophorates?

Fig. 10

Organization of paired outer radial nerves in Hemithiris psittacea. Volume rendering of nerve elements after staining against alpha acetylated-tubulin. a Nerves viewed from the outer side of the brachium. b Nerves viewed from the inner side of the brachium. c A portion of brachium with cylinders of peritoneal neurites of outer tentacles and paired outer radial nerves (marked by arrowheads), which pass between the outer tentacles and skirt them, forming arches (double arrowheads). Abbreviations: afn – abfrontal tentacular nerve; aorn – arch of paired outer radial nerves; lafn – lateroabfrontal tentacular nerve; lfn – laterofrontal tentacular nerve; orn – paired outer radial nerve; sa – second accessory nerve

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