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Table 2 Posterior probabilities for all models based on multinomial logistic regression; Models tested using both nuclear loci and mitochondrial ND2

From: Gene flow during glacial habitat shifts facilitates character displacement in a Neotropical flycatcher radiation

Model set 1 Model code Nuclear data mtDNA data
No gene flow Model A 0.0 0.0559
Gene flow between chilensis and pallatangae only Model B 0.0 0.8749
Gene flow between chilensis and albiceps only Model C 0.0018 0.0008
Gene flow between both chilensis and pallatangae, and chilensis and albiceps Model D 0.6647 0.0598
Gene flow among all three lineages Model E 0.3335 0.0086
  1. Model codes refer to Fig. 4. Posterior probability of the best model is indicated in bold font
  2. Abbreviation: mtDNA mitochondrial ND2