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Fig. 7

From: Reconstructing the muscular ground pattern of phylactolaemate bryozoans: first data from gelatinous representatives

Fig. 7

Schematic overview of the frontal tentacle musculature in Cristatella mucedo and Pectinatella magnifica viewed from distal. Red: inside the tentacle the frontal muscle band is visible. At the frontal, oral tentacles two or three muscular rootlets are present at the base. The latter are connected with a muscle surrounding the pharynx. Cross-connections could be identified in Cristatella (dashed lines, dark red). Orange: One or two bases of the tentacles are situated above the epistome and face the lophophoral concavity. Green: two muscle fiber bundles extend as part of the retractor muscle (light green) and run along the lophophoral arms. From this two muscle fiber bundles smaller ones branch off to each lateral tentacle and form the frontal bases. Abbreviations: e - epistome, la - lophophoral arms, lco - lophophoral concavity, mo - mouth opening, rm. - retractor muscle, t - tentacles

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