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Fig. 2

From: Re-evaluation of the Haarlem Archaeopteryx and the radiation of maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs

Fig. 2

Scatterplots for several proportions that can be established in Ostromia (red dots), comparing this taxon with specimens that can certainly be referred to Archaeopteryx (black dots). Red line shows the ordinary least squares regression fit and blue lines represent the 95% confidence intervals for the distribution of values of Archaeopteryx. a Ratio between metacarpal III and metacarpal I. b Ratio between phalanx I-1 and metacarpal I. c Ratio between phalanx I-1 and metacarpal III. d Ratio between ungual I and metacarpal I. e Ratio between ungual III and metacarpal III. f Ration between metatarsal III and tibia

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