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Fig. 9

From: Re-evaluation of the Haarlem Archaeopteryx and the radiation of maniraptoran theropod dinosaurs

Fig. 9

Time calibrated simplified phylogeny of maniraptoran theropods, indicating place of origin of the different clades. The relationships and stratigraphic and geographic distribution of maniraptorans indicate a rapid radiation in the late Middle to earliest Late Jurassic in eastern Asia. Node labels and abbreviations: 1, Coelurosauria; 2, Maniraptoriformes; 3, Maniraptora; 4, Pennaraptora; 5, Paraves; 6, Avialae; BAJ, Bajocian; BAT, Bathonian; BER, Berriasian; CAL, Callovian; KIM, Kimmeridgian; OXF, Oxfordian; TIT, Tithonian. Based on a phylogenetic analysis of 2 outgroups and 130 coelurosaurian ingroup taxa and 561 characters and the results of a S-DIVA analysis

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