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Fig. 1

From: Origin, evolution, and divergence of plant class C GH9 endoglucanases

Fig. 1

Taxonomic distribution and analysis of the GH9 domain in putative endoglucanse sequences. a Molecular structure of cellulose with repeating units of D-glucopyranose linked by a β(1 → 4) glycosidic bond. The liberated mono- or oligosaccharides either retain the β-hydroxyl group (retaining), or are inverted (α-hydroxyl) after transformation, b Generic reaction mechanism of hydrolytic GH9 endoglucanase (EC mediated transformation of cellulose into simpler oligo- and/or mono-saccharides, c Alignment compatible sequences of GH9 domains from putative GH9 endoglucanases across all taxa (n1 = 607). Abbreviations: GH9, glycoside hydrolase; EC, enzyme commission

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