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Fig. 1

From: Contrasting population genetic structure in three aggregating groupers (Percoidei: Epinephelidae) in the Indo-West Pacific: the importance of reproductive mode

Fig. 1

Maps showing distribution ranges and sampling sites of three target species. Colours of symbols correspond to the population genetic structure inferred by SAMOVA based on control region sequences from (a) Epinephelus polyphekadion, (b) Plectropomus areolatus, and (c) P. leopardus, while lines illustrate population genetic structure based on microsatellite datasets as deduced from SAMOVA analyses (see Additional file 1: Table S9 for detailed SAMOVA results). The legend beneath the panel of maps depicts longitudinal boundaries of marine ecoregions (following Spalding et al. 2007) included in this study: WIP: Western Indo-Pacific; RS: Red Sea; CIOI: Central Indian Ocean Islands; CIP: Central Indo-Pacific; EIP: Eastern Indo-Pacific. (see Figs. 2 and 3, and Additional file 1: Tables S2–4, A6–8 for code of sampling sites)

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