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Table 3 mtDNA molecular variation (age) using rho total (Soares et a. 2009)

From: Genetic diversity of the Thao people of Taiwan using Y-chromosome, mitochondrial DNA and HLA gene systems

mt HaplogroupsAge
B4b1a2 (np T6216C)9314 yaCI 6958–11,032
B4b1a2f (nps G709A, T14110C)4951 yaCI 1248–8733
B4b1a2f2 (nps G709A, T14110C, A10313c)4343 yaCI 2442–6268
B4b1a2f3 (nps G709A, T14110C, G6260A)2585 yaCI 1922–3551
B4b1a2g (np C16365T)4225 yaCI 660–7873
B4b1a2k (np G207A!, A8014G, C16400T)4687 yaCI 2423–76,384
B4c1b2a2 (nps T146C, T8772C)5881 yaCI 0–13,399
B5a2a (nps A93G, G11149A, C14149T)27,943 yaCI 14728–42,395
B5a2a2 (np T8614C)13,426 yaCI 6631–20,474
B5a2a2b (nps C5027T, C8059T)6228 yaCI 2760–9772
B5a2a2b1 (np A4824G)4264 yaCI 1042–7554
E1a1anew (nps T6620C, C14766T, G16129A)na 
F1a3a3 (np C15452T)4290 yaCI 563–8110
F1anew (nps G6962A, T10604C, A14053G)4343 yaCI 513–8270
F4b1 (np A10097c)4317 yaCI 1296–7280
F4b1c (nps 8548 s 14215 s 15924 s)1287 yaCI 0–3071
F4b1d (np G513A)513 yaCI 10–1018
M8a2’3′ (np C16184T)na 
  1. ya: thousand years ago
  2. np: nucleotide position