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Table 6 Discordance BINs report for different morphospecies were assigned to one BIN

From: Singleton molecular species delimitation based on COI-5P barcode sequences revealed high cryptic/undescribed diversity for Chinese katydids (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae)

URI Rank Species 1 (Record count) Species 2 (Record count) Species 3 (Record count)
BOLD:AAY1322 Species Gampsocleis sinensis (29) G. sedakovii (60) G. ussuriensis (19)
BOLD:ACD5539 Species Xizicus howardi (6) X. rehni (4)  
BOLD:ACD6726 Species Euconocephalus pallidus (2) E. nasutus (6)  
BOLD:ACD8335 Species Conocephalus longipennis (3) C. japonicus (2)  
BOLD:ADB3332 Species Xizicus kulingensis (1) X. concavilaminus (3)  
BOLD:ADB3697 Species Xiphidiopsis bituberculata (7) X. minorincisus (3)  
BOLD:ADB5868 Species Xizicus tinkhami (2) X. laminatus (7)  
BOLD:ADE4977 Species Ruspolia dubia (38) R. jezoensis (10) R. liangshanensis (5)
  1. The underlined species split into more than one BIN