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Fig. 1

From: From molecular to cellular form: modeling the first major transition during the arising of life

Fig. 1

Events occurring in the model for the scene involving protocells. Solid arrows denote chemical reactions and dashed arrows represent other events. The dotted arrow represents the repeating steps involved in the template-directed copying catalyzed by REP. Legends: (Np – nucleotide precursor); (Nt – nucleotide); (Ap – amphiphile precursor); (Am – amphiphile). The events occurring within a protocell are shown in (a). The events concerning the behaviors of the protocells are depicted in (b), which adopts a smaller scale. The event of protocell’s cytophagy (engulfing all molecules of an adjacent room), which is somewhat difficult to depict, is not included here. The model for the naked scene is just a simplified version of this model: no membrane at the edge of the grid room; excluding the events concerning amphiphiles, amphiphile precursors and protocells. See Table 1 for interpretation of the probabilities’ names

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