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Fig. 5

From: From molecular to cellular form: modeling the first major transition during the arising of life

Fig. 5

The influence of non-enzymatic nucleotide-synthesis rate on the co-spread of REP and NSR. The parameter values are identity to those adopted in the case of Fig. 2. 50 REP molecules with a sequence of “CSTag + CSREP + CSTag” and 50 NSR molecules with a sequence of “CSTag + CSNSR + CSTag” are inoculated at step 1 × 105 into the system (distributed in 10 adjacent grid rooms at center, five REP molecules and five NSR molecules for each room). The two ribozymes co-spread in the system – the case shown in black. At step 3 × 106, PNF is changed, deriving the cases shown in other colors. The color legends at the lower left apply to all the subfigures

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