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Fig. 5

From: Multiple independent L-gulonolactone oxidase (GULO) gene losses and vitamin C synthesis reacquisition events in non-Deuterostomian animal species

Fig. 5

Summary of the main findings regarding the presence of putative functional GULO genes among non-Bilaterian and Protostomia species across the different phyla. Data from the analysis of GULO orthologs found in species with non-annotated genomes, as also data from a previous analysis of GULO orthologs identified amongst species with annotated genomes, were both considered to construct this diagram [17]. The colour code represents lineages where: a putative functional GULO ortholog was detected (green); no GULO ortholog was detected (red); or lineages for which, due to the limited amount available genomes, no conclusion can be withdrawn (blue). Asterisks highlight the phyla for which new conclusions were withdrawn after GULO orthologs identified in species with non-annotated genomes were included in the analysis, when compared to the data shown in [17]. Broken lines show uncertain relationships. Taxonomic relationships are depicted as in [30]

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