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Fig. 1

From: Multiple origins of melanism in two species of North American tree squirrel (Sciurus)

Fig. 1

Map of North America showing the native ranges fox squirrels and gray squirrels. Ranges of fox squirrel colour group 1 (orange agouti) are shown in light blue and colour group 2 (gray/tan agouti) in dark green. Gray squirrel range is to the east and south of the heavy dashed line. Spots show the locations of fox squirrel and gray squirrel samples, gray spots = wildtype, and black spots = samples with both wildtype and melanic fox squirrels or gray squirrels. Spots with coloured outlines show locations of fox squirrels with MC1R alleles typically from the gray squirrel (red outline) and locations of gray squirrels with MC1R alleles typically from the fox squirrel (green outline). Pie charts show MC1R haplotype frequencies in the fox squirrel and gray squirrel and ASIP genotype frequencies (see Additional file 3) in the fox squirrel

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