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Table 2 positively selected genes in H. formosa (10% FDR)

From: The genome of the live-bearing fish Heterandria formosa implicates a role of conserved vertebrate genes in the evolution of placental fish

Gene symbolgene namep-value
Pla2g2aPhospholipase A2 Group IIA3.32E-07
Timp4Tissue Inhibitor Of Metalloproteinases 42.92E-06
Rbl1Retinoblastoma-Like 11.63E-05
CldndClaudin d2.28E-05
Tmem230Transmembrane Protein 2303.34E-05
Kiaa1324/Eig121Estrogen Induced Gene 1213.43E-05
PnkdParoxysmal Nonkinesigenic Dyskinesia6.69E-05
Mmp15Matrix metalloproteinase 152.50E-04
Gpr34G Protein-Coupled Receptor 342.55E-04
Btbd7BTB Domain Containing 72.68E-04
Glp1Glucagon-like peptide 12.84E-04
Cldn4Claudin 43.04E-04
Slc35d3Solute Carrier 35 Member d33.27E-04
Loc103465290Uncharacterized protein4.51E-04
Slc20a1Solute Carrier Family 20 Member a15.60E-04