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Fig. 1

From: Evolution of female promiscuity in Passerides songbirds

Fig. 1

Relationship between the proportion of extrapair young in a population and the coefficient of total sperm length variation (sperm length CV) among males in the same population for 24 Passerides species (data in Additional file 4). The blue line is the linear regression line; its equation and the standardized regression coefficient are indicated. Shaded area show the 95% confidence interval for the regression line. The regression line was used to predict the proportion of extrapair young from estimates of sperm length CV in species without paternity data (see Additional file 3). Note that transformed values are used. A PGLS showed that the phylogenetic signal in this relationship (λ = 0.647) was not statistically different from λ = 0 (P = 0.126) and significantly lower than λ = 1 (P = 0.038; R2 = 0.774)

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