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Table 2 List of positively selected residues of rbcL with posterior probabilities (PAML, Codeml, Model M8) > 0.95 in the Chinese dataset. This dataset represents group 1, 2, and 4 (The American Group 3 is not present in China). In red, selected Ilex residues belonging to the list of 20 most often positively selected sites detected in the 151 lineages of Kapralov and Filatov [29]. (*) indicates that the residues have ≥95% SLR support for positive selection. (a) indicates that residues are not positively selected in the Worldwide dataset or that residues (461 and 470) were not available in the truncated Worldwide dataset. (b) Number of residues

From: Exceptionally high rates of positive selection on the rbcL gene in the genus Ilex (Aquifoliaceae)