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Fig. 1

From: Convergent evolution in toothed whale cochleae

Fig. 1

a Morphospace of cochlear shape in 48 toothed whale species, from principal component analysis (PCA) of 371 landmarks and semi-landmarks. Labelled points indicate cochleae of taxa at the four extremes of the morphospace: Ts: Tasmacetus shepherdi; Zc: Ziphius cavirostris; Gm: Globicephala melas; Ps: Phocoena spinipinnis (see Fig. 2). b The same morphospace with convergent groups mapped on. Colours correspond to convergent regimes: purple: (regime A) Ziphiid/Physeterid group; yellow: (regime B) Ziphius/Mesoplodon mirus group; green: (regime C) Kogiid/Phocoenoides dalli group; grey: non-convergent taxa. Percentages in brackets describe the amount of shape variation described by each principal component (PC)

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