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Fig. 4

From: Convergent evolution in toothed whale cochleae

Fig. 4

Mosaic plots of: a Habitat type and regime membership (i.e. regime A: purple, regime B: yellow or regime C: green regime. Regime X contains taxa that do not belong to any of the three convergent regimes); and b Dive type and regime membership; showing how the convergent regimes are dominated by taxa living in oceanic habitats and diving to extreme depths, respectively. The width of each regime type is proportional to the number of taxa it contains. The height of each colour is proportional to the number of taxa in that ecological subcategory. Lines indicate that no species belong in that category. Colours represent ecological subcategories: riverine: pink; nearshore: blue; oceanic: navy; shallow: red; mid: ivory; deep: dark orange; very deep: light orange

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