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Fig. 1

From: Evolutionary history of two cryptic species of northern African jerboas

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic relationship of Jaculus individuals and their geographic distribution across North Africa. a Phylogenetic tree based on Bayesian inference showing the relationship among the haplotypes of two Jaculus species for the cytb gene (n = 231; 170 haplotypes). Values on branches indicate Bayesian posterior probabilities support and bootstrap values of Maximum-Likelihood analysis, respectively. White circles indicate posterior probabilities and bootstrap values above 0.91/91, respectively, for internal nodes. On each clade, the respective species is indicated. J. orientalis (n = 7; 2 haplotypes) was used as outgroup. Each tip of the tree branches is coloured according to the country of origin of each individual belonging to a haplotype. b Geographical locations of all Jaculus individuals used in this study. Red (circles) and green (triangles) samples denote, respectively, J. jaculus and J. hirtipes

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